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The Ethical Use of Digital Technology in DMT

Length: 1 hour

Webinar Description

Communicating to and with clients/patients through social media and digital technology methods is becoming more widespread. This webinar is designed to address ethical considerations to dance/movement therapy clinical practice, education, and supervision in the use of electronic media. We must, both as a profession and as individual professionals, use new technology responsibly in ways that protect ourselves and our clients/patients. The webinar will introduce participants to general principles of ethical practice,review both the ADTA ’s Code of Ethical Conduct and the tip sheet on the ethical use of technology, and explore the use of email, twitter, Facebook, text messaging, and web page marketing from an ethical perspective.  Participants questions and experiences using or considering the use of digital media are welcomed. Our purpose is to insure clinician and client/patient protection by understanding the benefits and limitations of electronic media to enhance and further our clinical work.  Original webcast date: April 16, 2014.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be familiar with foundational principles of ethical conduct
  2. Participants will be able to list the benefits and limitations in their DMT practice of a variety of electronic media communication methods.
  3. Participants will be familiar with specific ethical concerns in the use of a variety of electronic media communication.

Presenter Biography

Paul Sevett MA, BC-DMT, LICWS, began his dance therapy education at the University of Wisconsin over 30 years ago.  He became a practicing dance therapist after receiving his MA degree from Goucher College in 1983 working in a variety of psychiatric settings in Maryland, Washington DC, and Minnesota.  The focus of his work has always been utilizing the natural wisdom of the body and its energy to promote the integration of body, mind, and heart.  He continued this exploration becoming a certified practitioner of Zen Bodytherapy® , Integral Bodywork® and energy healing using the Three Heart Balancing® technique.  Paul is a past member of the ADTA Board of Directors and currently is a member of its Ethics Committee, has presented on ethics at  an ADTA national conference, and teaches a course on ethics and boundaries for a professional Massage and Shiatsu therapy school in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He lives and maintains his private practice out of St. Paul Minnesota. “I am sustained by the deep sense of honor I feel as each client allows me to participate in their effort to uncover and express their true authentic Self.”

Paul Sevett

ADTA CE Hour: 1

NBCC CE Hour: 1

Course Materials

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