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Trends in Autism Research and Intervention: Where does DMT fit in this picture?

Length: 1 hour

Webinar Description

This webinar will provide a brief overview of some of the latest research and interventions for autism spectrum disorders and how dance/movement therapy (DMT) fits within these current trends.  Along with this discussion will include information about the revised criteria for those with autism-related disorders that are now published in the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Men­tal Disorders (DSM-5) and distinguish the differences from the DSM-IV diagnosis that included four separate disorders. Finally, the webinar will provide participants with specific talking points of how DMT addresses specific diagnostic criteria as an intervention for people with ASD.  It is a hope that this webinar may provide a starting point to invite further discussion for more ASD/DMT research to transpire.  Original webcast date:  October 24, 2014.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain an understanding of some of the current trends in ASD research
  2. Build an awareness and understanding of the new DSM-5 diagnosis and criteria for Autism Spectrum Disorder and identify changes since DSM-IV-TR
  3. Identify specific talking points of how DMT addresses specific diagnostic criteria as an intervention for people with ASD. 

Presenter Biography

Dr. Devereaux is an Assistant Professor and Director of Clinical Training in the Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling program at Antioch University New England where she formulated the first ever DMT and Autism Spectrum Disorders Study Group.  She is an Adjunct Associate Professor at Pratt Institute, on the senior faculty at Inspirees, a training program for DMT in China, and is a clinical consultant and supervisor for dance/movement therapists at schools and agencies servicing children with autism. In 2008, she was the recipient of the President's Award from the ADTA for her outstanding contributions to the profession.  Christina currently serves as co-editor of the American Journal of Dance Therapy and has authored articles and book chapters about DMT and autism and with attachment problems. She was featured on CCTV, the largest television station in China, and as a presenter for the 2014 ADTA Talks series focusing on DMT and autism.  She has a blog with Psychology Today “Meaning in motion: Dancing with the mind in mind.”


ADTA CE Hour: 1

NBCC CE Hour: 1

Course Materials

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