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Creative Collaberations Discount Punch Card: 5 Webinars at a 15% Discount

This Punch Card is an exclusive offer for members only, which offers a 10% discount on any 5 webinars of your choosing within the Creative Collaberations Series! Click here to see the list of webinars available to purchase with this punchcard.

How to use the punchcard:

  1. Once you have purchased the punchcard, go to Here you will see all of the webinars in the Creative Collaberations Series. Please Note: Your pre-purchase punchcard is only good on webinars in the Creative Collaberations Series.
  2. Browse through the videos on this page and click on any course to get more information. If it says ***COMING SOON*** in the title, this means we are still waiting on some material for this course and it should be available within 2-3 weeks.
  3. Click on a course you want to register for and then click Add to Cart on the Members Video-on-Demand option.
  4. If you want to select more videos to add to your cart, click on Creative Collaberations Series under the Categories on the left menu bar to go back and browse and add more.
  5. Once your cart is finalized, click Proceed.
  6. On the login page, enter your email address and password. Click Submit.
  7. Under the Payment Methods, select the Punch Card and then click Proceed.
  8. On this final review page you should see the punch card as the payment method being used with details on how many points you are using for this purchase and how many you have left. All Creative Collaberations webinars are 1 point.
  9. Click Complete Order.
  10. On the Receipt page you will see a link for each course to click to Watch Now. You can also come back to at any time and login with the above information and you will find these courses under your Available Videos to watch whenever you want.